The Government has allocated 15 million for investments in the road haulage industry. The good news, regarding the method of allocating financial resources and the relevant operating instructions for submitting applications, has appeared in the Official Gazette in 2 Ministerial Decrees, dated the 29th September and 21st October 2015 respectively. But who are the recipients, what are the subsidised investments and in particular, how do you submit an application to obtain one? Find all the helpful answers here!

Who are the recipients of the subsidies?

The subsidies will benefit road haulage operators on behalf of third parties who comply with the registration requirements of the road hauliers’ register and the National Electronic Register.

What are subsidised investments?

The investments concern less polluting vehicles and intermodal solutions and more specifically, refer to the purchase of new vehicles made for freight transport (from 3.5 to 7 tons or equal to or greater than 16 tons) with alternative CNG methane drive and liquefied natural gas LNG, new semi-trailers for combined rail and sea transport, equipped with at least one innovative device that increases energy efficiency, procurement by small and medium enterprises, containers and swap bodies compatible with all types of transportation modes.

What are the terms and conditions of submitting an application?

The application to access the subsidies must be submitted between the 5th November 2015 and the 31st March 2016, exclusively upon the launch of the investment.

How to submit the application?

The application must be delivered by hand or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Department of Transport, Navigation, General Affairs and Personnel, the General Directorate for Road Transport and Intermodality, at Via Giuseppe Caraci 36, 00157 Rome. To complete the application you must use the appropriate form included in the Ministerial Decree of the 21st October attached to the required documentation.

What details are required?

In addition to the investments undertaken, the application will also require the following details: the company name and headquarters of the company or consortium of companies, details of the company or consortium’s legal representative, the REN or Road Haulier’s Register number on behalf of third parties for companies with a gross vehicle weight of up to 1.5 tons, VAT and tax code, certified email address, registration with the Chamber of Commerce and signature of the legal representative.

What documents must be attached to the application?

The application requires a complete list of every asset bought and related cost, date of the purchase contract, number plate of the vehicle or semi-trailer. Other documents that must be attached to the application include a copy of the purchase contract, signed on a date that is not prior to the 5th November 2015 and a copy of the receipted invoice proving payment and, in the case of acquisition by means of leasing, a copy of the leasing contract and various invoices of fees paid must be attached. For motor vehicles and semi-trailers documentary proof of registration subsequent to the 5th November 2015 must also be attached, while for containers and swap bodies, the documentary proof of delivery of goods to be attached must be subsequent to the 5th November 2015.

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