With its modular design displaying and recording through separate units, the Siemens VDO Kienzle MTCO 1324 tachograph model sets new standards for performance, technology and aesthetics.

Based on current legislation EEC 3821/85, the MTC’s DIN radio format is the component of an innovative system that can be easily integrated in dashboard designs of the future.

In addition to the speed and distance travelled, the driving, work and rest times are recorded securely on known diagram discs.

The driver and co-driver can conveniently select the parameters of interest through control keys. Dates, times, distances and events such as maintenance and diagnostic information can be brought up on the LCD display. The speed is displayed through an electronic speedometer or a special display found on the instrument panel. The “intelligent” KITAS (Kienzle Tachograph Sensor) transmitter provides tamper-proof encrypted pulses to record the distances and speed, thereby eliminating the need to use armoured wiring.


  • Error message reporting
  • Multifunction LCD display with 2 x 16 characters
  • DIN/ISO 7736 car radio format recording unit
  • Automatic recording of driving times
  • Glove box for two diagram discs, controlled by the ignition circuit.
  • Clock with battery back-up and automatic daylight saving time
  • Automatic exclusion of recording times/distance groups after 25 hours
  • Custom front dashboard (option)
  • Interface for CAN data bus (option)