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DTCO Display

Avoid fines and always keep track of your driving and rest times

DTCO® Display is the efficient and economical solution for all drivers and haulage companies who want to prevent infringements to driving and rest times.

Thanks to a simple touch screen display installed on the vehicle and connected to the DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph, the driver can view in real time the driving and rest times (in accordance with Regulation EC 561/2006 and to Directive EC 2002/15) through coloured bars.

Approaching and reaching the limits set by current legislation are promptly reported by alerts and alarms that allow the driver to constantly keep track of their work period.

A summary screen shows a list of possible infringements committed, so that you can consult it at a later date and thereby prevent similar breaches in future. Specific events are also highlighted such as paperless driving and speeding.

The tachograph data is recorded and associated to every single Driver Card; the device is therefore able to manage and recognise the activities recorded by several drivers. In addition, you can also combine the functions above including navigation, with a specific map of Europe (excluding Russia) for industrial vehicles (customisable with gauges or weights, etc.) so that all the modern technology is held on a single device.

Ask your VDO dealer to install your DTCO® Display.

Information Datasheet for the DTCO® Display