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The VDO SmartLink is an innovative Bluetooth device which allows the driver to connect the tachograph to their smartphone and, once inserted into the digital tachograph, take advantage of a series of useful services via the App to improve driving conditions (control of driving and rest times, parking searches, etc.).

Once the connection is established and the free VDO Driver App is launched, the driver can use their smartphone to perform all necessary operations on the tachograph and view, for example, their driving and rest times and find out in real time how much driving is left and when they need to stop for a break.

The most important features:

  • How it works: instructions for use of the DTCO® SmartLink and App
    The DTCO® SmartLink is VDO’s innovative solution which connects the digital tachograph to the smartphone. Learn how it works!
  • • Features of the DTCO® SmartLink
    Learn about the technical features of the DTCO® SmartLink.
  • ITS ready: we are set for the future
    In the world of tomorrow’s transport, drivers, fleet managers and other operators in the sector will all be connected through technology. The DTCO® 2.0 is ready and now offers useful and innovative fleet management services.

Where can you buy the DTCO® SmartLink?
Speak directly to your VDO dealer or your trusted VDO office for further information.

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