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Download Terminal II

With the introduction of the new second generation Downloadterminal (DLT II), VDO has further simplified data download operations. Data can be downloaded from the driver card and the mass memory at any time and without the use of a PC. In the “stand-alone” mode, data can be transferred with a USB key to the PC. Downloadtermional DLT II can be conveniently connected to the “corporate LAN network” or to a PC via a USB key; TIS Web lets you automatically upload data to your account. Drivers can download data in complete autonomy. Thanks to the wide 3.5” TFT colour display, we support drivers or employees in their data downloading activity, using a menu interface with graphic icons. You can view information on the driver card or on the data download from the mass memory in just a few simple steps directly from the keyboard; in addition, the Downloadterminal DLT II also offers an expiring download reminder function. The Downloadterminal DLT II can be used in various operating modes.