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DLK Pro TIS-Compact

DLK Pro TIS-Compact combines downloading, archiving and management of data in a single device. With TIS-Compact, the data from the digital tachograph and the Driver Card can be downloaded quickly and securely, transferred to a PC and then viewed, archived and printed, using the integrated programme. DLK Pro TIS-Compact is ideal for owner-drivers and small-sized fleets with a maximum of 5 vehicles and 10 drivers.

DLK Pro TIS-Compact is the comprehensive solution for downloading, archiving and managing tachograph data, particularly suitable for owner-drivers and small fleets.

Through the DLK Pro TIS-Compact, the data from the mass memory of the digital tachograph and Driver Card are downloaded quickly and securely and transferred to the PC for evaluation, archiving and printing, via the integrated software.

The advantages of DLK PRO TIS-Compact:

  • Complies with statutory requirements for data downloading and archiving.
  • Downloads the tachograph and Driver Card’s mass memory from any digital tachograph (it is compatible with 12V and 24V devices).
  • Direct download of data from the Driver Card via the integrated card reader (optional feature which requires activation)
  • Convenient 2.2” touch-screen display to view driver and vehicle activity and to display the download status, the battery charge level and storage capacity
  • Additional LED to view the download status and beep signal for complete download
  • Reminder for downloads to be performed
  • Digital signature check of downloaded files
  • Storing of data on additional media via the graphic interface guidance
  • Displaying computer data, e.g., driver activity (driving, work, availability and rest times) and the speed profile relative to the last 24 hours of driving
  • Exporting data to the PC
  • Printing the Driver Card and digital tachograph data
  • No external power supply required for downloading data from the digital tachograph and verification to the PC
  • Memory capacity of approximately 6,000 downloads per quarter
  • Fast transfer of data from DLK Pro TIS-Compact to PC via a USB interface
  • Initial configuration screen
  • 29 languages available (the product must be registered for Italian and Dutch)