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Current legislation and use of the DTCO

Participation in the training session is highly recommended to transport company owners and transport managers, as well as individual drivers.

The course is expected to last approximately 4 hours. At the end of the course, personal participation certificates will be issued.

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Centri Tecnici

In this section we will insert the reference standards on the use, download and calibration of the DTCO, the company’s obligations and the directives on company audits.

Document Description Download
MD 31st March 2006 - Ministerial Decree on the procedures for storing and transferring data recorded with the Digital Tachograph
Regulation EC 561/2006 - Regulation that repeals and replaces regulation EEC n. 3820/85 and established the new legal term for the obligation of the Digital Tachograph on the 1st May 2006
Directive 2002/15/EC - Concerning the organisation of working hours for workers performing mobile road transport operations
DTCO Technical appendix 1B - Supplementing Regulation 2135/98, technical in nature, which establishes the functional and technical features of the device, in addition to the security and operational obligations

In themembers’ area you will find all relevant legislation and updates.


In this section we will insert the reference standards on the use, download and calibration of the DTCO, the company’s obligations and the directives on company audits.

Our training programme helps drivers, fleet managers, specialist garages and authorities in the use, maintenance and control of digital tachographs, and teaches participants how to work with the various media devices. All European and national regulations are also explained (EC 561/06 - EC 2002/15) and the obligations for users.

All courses can be held at the company’s headquarters, trainers are qualified in both legislative and technical/practical aspects and constantly follow legislative developments so that they can ensure they provide accurate and up to date information. In addition, slide presentations and tools such as the DTCO Simulator Software are used so that participants can thoroughly grasp how to use the tachograph including in a training class.

The training of staff responsible for audits is as thorough as should be expected. The work requires the involvement of all employees interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge of legislation and also requires all of the technical experience of our staff in data analysis of both driver cards and the mass memory. Those participating in the course must come out of it with both theoretical and practical knowledge, despite the fact that they do not use tachographs on a daily basis. For this training our staff uses not just slides and an interactive simulator, but also a demo case with a real tachograph for participants to practice on.

The topics covered are:

• Regulation (EC 561/06 - EC 2002/15 - MC 15 June 2010 - Amendment 2007 230 EC)
• The tachograph (the tool, transmitter, cabling)
• The data (legal download and analysis of files .DDD)
• The print-outs (creation, pictograms, reading)
• The devices (inspection key, infringement forms)
• Simulator and case (practical use of the tools)

Course duration: approximately 6 hours

Driver training, which we must remind you is required by transport companies according to the Ministerial Decree of the 31st March 2006, takes place in three parts. The first part covers social legislation on driving and rest times (EC 5611/06) and is taught by very simple and schematic slides summarising the legal aspects. The second part explains the practical use of the tachograph, the creation and reading of print-outs and all details of the driver card. The trainer references several practical and real case “every day” examples. The last part uses an interactive simulator that accurately simulates how the tachograph operates to demonstrate the exact procedure to be used in every situation (e.g. loss of driver card, OUT of SCOPE, ferry services, etc.).
Throughout the course, the trainer uses simple and practical language.

The topics covered are:

• The “driving hours” regulation (EC 561/06 - EC 2002/15)
• Driver activity (driving, work, availability, rest)
• The tachograph (print-outs, alerts, recordings)
• The driver card (what is recorded, loss, malfunction, renewal)
• Practical training (use of the interactive simulator)

Course duration: approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes

Training for company staff starts with an understanding of the Ministerial Decree governing the obligations and duties of the company. During the theoretical course, the type of activity carried out by the company is identified and the trainer gives practical advice in relation to the specific work on complying with legislation, checking data and interacting with on-board staff.

The topics covered are:

• The company’s obligations (download, storage, analysis, training)
• Company regulations (MD 31st March 2006 - MC 15th June 2010 - Amendment. 2007 230 CE)
• The “driving times” regulation (EC 561/06 - EC 2002/15)
• The tachograph (obligations, downloads, audits)
• Work tools (software, audits, third generation tachographs)

Course duration: approximately 4 hours