In vehicles registered in an EU state prior to the 01/05/2006, the driver’s activity required to comply with the social regulations on driving and rest times is recorded through analogue type control devices. The analogue type devices don’t have their own memory but record the data by writing it on a recording sheet (disc) which must be inserted into the device. The device operates automatically both when the vehicle is stationary and in motion: the driver only needs to insert the recording disk in the appropriate space and if required activate the switch to select the recording in accordance with the activity that is actually being performed at that time (rest, driving, etc.).

Features of the analogue tachograph

The tachograph device, also more commonly called “analogue”, independently records:

  • the distance travelled (forward and reverse movement or just forward movement)
  • speed
  • time, broken down into driving and rest times
  • opening and closing of the case containing the recording disc
Tachigrafo kienzle